• A typical orthodontic bracket is made of stainless steel. The arch wire is usually made of stainless steel also. The objective of the dental bracket and arch wire is to move the teeth along a given path in order to achieve the desired result. The contacting points create friction that slows the treatment time to an average of 30 months

  • The red area indicates where the forces of friction are at their greatest. The red arrows moving outward indicate the friction of the bracket moving along the arch wire. The result of this is a longer treatment time and in some cases, discomfort for the patient.

  • The blue area is where we apply Orthospeed. We place the solution on the arch wire and bracket in appointments that are usually 2 weeks apart. Orthospeed is injected through a syringe attached to a 0.20 inch cannulas over the brackets and archwire 

  • The blue arrows indicate where the lubrication speeds up the movement of the bracket along the arch wire once we have applied Orthopeed. The reduction in friction that Orthospeed achieves is not just limited to stainless steel. We can achieve similar results in Titanium and other materials.

  • With Orthospeed, you can decrease the treatment time for the alignment of teeth from 30 months to an average of 18 months. This increase in speed is due directly to the way in which Orthospeed reduces friction in the contact between bracket and archwire.

Professor Juan Alio:

Orthospeed is the end result of an 11 year investigation carried out with the help of the best dentists and orthodontics specialists in Spain and other countries.

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