About Us

Orthospeed is a patented acceleration Orthodontics system for dental braces. It has been shown to reduce the treatment period from an average of 30 months to 18 months. Orthospeed was designed and developed in Madrid, Spain, by the Professor Dr. Juan Alió. Orthospeed has been used in Spain for many years in dental clinics. Orthospeed is a product with no negative side effects. It does not have any flavor and it does not dye the teeth enamel. It is compatible with most dental products. There are no toxic ingredients and Orthospeed does not produce any allergic reaction. Orthospeed is a Orthodontics project financed and supported by Invesort in Madrid.

The Research Institute in Orthodontics (Invesort) was created in 2006 in order to coordinate, develop and finance research projects in Dentistry and with a preference to those in the field of Orthodontics. We are based in Madrid, Spain and count on a high level of local medical knowledge and resources. The projects developed by Inversort comprise multiple fields of study and application, being of special importance those which are part of State Institutions (Superior Council of Scientific Research) and Universidad Complutense of Madrid.