Orthospeed, la revolución en ortodoncias

40% faster

Buy your Orthospeed Pack

Orthospeed comes in a kit which is designed for the treatment of one patient.

The Pack comprises of:

  • X Syringe with a 3 mililiter capacity filled with Orthospeed.
  • 4 X 0.2 inch cannulas for application into brackets and onto the archwire.

This will be enough to treat severe over crowding and other “worst case scenarios”.

has been approved as a safe Orthodontic class 1 medical device and we have been assigned our own CE number by the European Community. We have also been approved by the Ministry of Health (ES) as a safe Orthodontics device ready for the market.

Orthospeed is produced under license by Cosmodent laboratoriest for INVESORT S.L.

With Orthospeed, you can decrease the treatment time for the alignment of teeth from 30 months to an average of 18 months.

Low forces throughout the entire orthodontic treatment also mean greater comfort for the patient. This equates to more comfort for the patient and a faster treatment time.

This increase in speed is due directly to the way in which Orthospeed reduces friction in the contact between bracket and archwire.

Clinical studies prove a reduction of the leveling phase, which will be completed in 91 days and a half, instead of in 165-270 days which are necessary when Orthospeed is not applied.